POWDER TECHNOLOGIES AND ADDITIVES Technology Metal and Ceramic 3D printing, Metal and Ceramic Injection Molding MIM/CIM Our products are compounds made of especially balanced metal or ceramic powders and a composition of thermoplastic binders. These Materials can be shaped in different ways. Already known for decades is the Metal and Ceramic Injection Molding. Here the Granulate is shaped usin injection molding machines. Our development of filaments made of those compounds gives you the possibility to use a FFF/FDM 3D printer for shaping. Aside from the shaping the following processes are the same for both technologies. The printing or molding of the part (green part) is followed by an extraction process: the debinding (brown part). Therefore the green part is immersed in warm acetone for around 12 hours. It followes the sintering where the brown part is compacted to a solid metal or ceramic part. In the beginning the residual binder is burned while the compacting of the powder particles begins. After sintering no binder material remains in the part. The mechanical and chemical properties of the resulting part are equivalent to those reached by other processes. Known post processing like heat treatment compacting surface treatment or else can be done to optimise the properties.    FFF/FDM Filaments Company MIM/CIM Feedstock Contact R&D Home Technology