POWDER TECHNOLOGIES AND ADDITIVES FFF/FDM Filament We offer a wide range of Filaments for FFF 3D Printers. You can choose the diameter of 1,75mm and 2,85mm. The tolerances are 0,05mm for each diameter. PT+A filaments are easy to process on many types of 3D Printers. We recommend to use direct extrusion. Highest fill rates (~60%vol.) and high quality powders guarantees the lowest shrinkage (~15%, 17-4PH), the lowest tolerances and best surface quality. The precise value of shrinkage depends on the material and is delivered with the data sheet. Printing parameters: Nozzle temperature: 120°C-150°C Nozzle diameter: 0,4mm (recommended) Printing speed: ~50mm/s Layer height: >0,03mm (recommended) A heated bed is not necessary.   Debinding procedure: Solvent: Acetone Temperature: 42°C Debinding time: ~12h (depending on the part) You can easyly check the depinding success by measuring the weight loss which is delivered in the datasheet of the used material. Sintering: Sintering parameters can be found on the corresponding datasheet. Sintering curves has to be adapted to the used sintering equipment. Available materials Filaments for FDM/FFF (date: 01.2023) Material Price/1kg Stainless Steel 316L - 1.4404 € 280,- 17-4PH - 1.4542 € 270,- Tool Steel 420 - 1.2083 € 320,- A2 - 1.2363 € 310,- H11 - 1.2343 € 320,- 440C - 1.4125 € 340,- Maraging Steel M300 - 1.2709 € 310,- Super Alloy IN 718 - 2.4668 € 420,- Light Metal Ti6Al4V - 3.7165 € 450,- Ti Grade2 - 3.7035 € 470,- Copper - Cu 99,8 € 380,- Ceramics Zirconia Natural € 520,- Zirconia Coloured on request Alumina Al2O3 € 330,- Hard Metal WCCo6/10 on request Various other materials on request! Our Materials can also be ordered as a granulate. Please request per email for availability. FFF/FDM Filaments Company MIM/CIM Feedstock Contact R&D Home Technology