R&D POWDER TECHNOLOGIES AND ADDITIVES We are developing for you: - Filaments for 3D-printers on your demand and from you powder - Feedstock formulations for all types of materials - Guidance to the material suitable for you application - Advisory service for choosing the suiable machinery - Investigation of all neccesary parameters for processing printing, debinding, sintering - Injection moulding regime, sprue and hot runner - Debinding regimes especially for high wall thicknesses - Residual debinding and sintering regimes, for controlling the Carbon or oxygen content for steels or titanium - Multi component injection moulding, also for metal-ceramic-compounds - Special alloys and precious metals - Green part treatment, also hand shaping methods with special binder system (esp. for precious parts) - Densification processes, like hot isostatic pressing for 100% density - Metallic and ceramic ready to press mixtures - MIM/CIM parts with controlled porosity - Extrusion methods for our feedstock and filaments FFF/FDM Filaments Company MIM/CIM Feedstock Contact R&D Home Technology