POWDER TECHNOLOGIES AND ADDITIVES Company PT+A Powder Technologies and Additives PT+A was established as a development department for a MIM producer in 2006. Since then we developed feedstocks for Metal / Ceramic Injection Molding and other compounds for special applications. Our knowledge about metals and ceramics, different powders and their influence of the properties of produced parts as well as forming and sintering processes for the different materials made us a reliable partner for companies, universities and research institutes. Using a binder system which is improved through all the years we are able to adapt nealy ervery sinterable material from pocelain to gold. Since 2014 we develop and produce filaments for 3D printing. Our long term experience enables us to provide the whole range of materials from MIM to our 3D printing customers. A detailed guidance to all the following processes and consultancy about the suitable material for your application are part of our business. We offer Highest Quality filament and MIM feedstock for reliable and replicable results as well as special alloys in small quantities to the filament material of your choice. FFF/FDM Filaments Company MIM/CIM Feedstock Contact R&D Home Technology