POWDER TECHNOLOGIES AND ADDITIVES Products Company Binder System Consultancy/Support Contact R&D Home Technology Products Powder for additive manufacturing (Selective Laser Melting/SLM) The best known additive manufacturing technology is the Selective Laser Melting, SLM. During this process parts are build directly from a 3D-CAD-file by melting a metal powder. Using a laser beam the powder is molten layer by layer according to the 3D-file and compacted to nearly 100% of density. The powders used for this process have different properties compared to the powders used in other powder metallurgical technologies like the traditional powder metallurgy or Metal Injection Moulding. Our powders are especially developed for Selective Laser Melting and provide a high homogeneity and constant quality. Available materials Powders for SLM Stainless Steel 316L - 1.4404 17-4PH - 1.4542 15-7PH - 1.4540 Maraging Steel - 1.2709 Superl Alloy IN 718 - 2.4668 IN 625 - 2.4856 Dental Alloy CoCrW Light Metal Ti6Al4V - 3.7165 AlSi10Mg Various other materials on request! Filament for 3D-Printers (FDM/FFF) A new development, PT+A GmbH presents is Metal- and Ceramic filaments for 3D-Printers. Our filaments can be used on FFF/FDM 3D-printers at temperatures between 160°C and 190°C. The selected powders used for the prodution of our filaments guarantee a high surface quality and highly detailed geometries. By the following process steps Extraction and Sintering the plastic component is removed and the printed part gets pure metallic or ceramic properties. The mechanical Properties are equal to a traditionally manufactured part of the same material. Available materials Filaments for FDM/FFF Stainless Steel 316L - 1.4404 17-4PH - 1.4542 Maraging Steel - 1.2709 Super Alloy IN 718 - 2.4668 IN 625 - 2.4856 Dental Alloy CoCrW Light Metal Ti6Al4V - 3.7165 Hard Metal WCCo Ceramics ZrO2 Al2O3 Various other materials on request! Feedstock for Metal and Ceramic Injection Moulding (MIM/CIM) We offer a wide range of materials and services around MIM/CIM applications. For more informations about the advantages of our binder system click here: Properties and Quality Data Sheet with all necesary processing informations is part of every delivery. Certificates document the constant quality of the used components.