Consultancy/Support POWDER TECHNOLOGIES AND ADDITIVES Products Company Binder System Consultancy/Support Contact R&D Home Technology 1. Construction of MIM/CIM parts according there technology The first step for producing MIM/CIM parts is there geometrical a technological adjustment. Edges, wall sickness, surfaces and much more can be important factors of influence on tolerances and strength of shape. On the basis of your drawing we advice and support you at construction of your MIM/CIM parts. 2. Materials advice You are using MIM/CIM parts just now or you are planning to do this during the next time? You give us all needed mechanical, physical or chemical properties and we will answer all your questions on MIM/CIM materials. The following types of material are available: - pure iron, low and medium alloyed steels - high alloyed steels - stainless steels (ferritic or austenitic) - heat resistant steels - steels with special physical properties - nickel based alloys - super alloys - copper and copper alloys - heavy alloys - gold and platinum alloys - titanium and titanium alloys - oxide and non oxide ceramics 1. Materials development We are specialists on development of Filaments for FDM, MIM/CIM materials and metal powder filled compounds for other applications. Normally your drawing (2d or 3d) is enough including all demands of geometric details, tolerances mechanical and other properties surface quality and other treatments. On the basis of these specifications we will develop your customized feedstock with a guarantee for success. Also non specified materials can be developed if wished. 2. Planning and support for building up MIM/CIM lines You are planning to expand your production capacity or build up a new MIM/CIM production line? Come back to our experience on building up MIM/CIM production line. Because of our excellent market overview we support you to chose the right equipment and there serious suppliers. We are able to carry out a profitability analysis and your customized investment plan. If wished we will request for quote.   3. Licensing You are trying to get the independency from your feedstock supplier? We will impart you the necessary knowledge on binder system and feedstock production including the quality management. You get a license with common discussed conditions. After a training period supported by us you will be able to develop your own feedstock receipts.