Binder system POWDER TECHNOLOGIES AND ADDITIVES Products Company Binder System Consultancy/Support Contact R&D Home Technology Advantages of our binder system: 1. Compounding - no limits at materials, all types of materials are processable - low temperatures at max 150°C - perfect wetting between particles and binder - highest load of powder in binder - high homogeneity 2. Injection moulding - easy handling feedstock system - plasticizing temperatures at 140°C - tool temperature ≈ room temperature - high green strength - no demixing - no thermal shrinkage - low injection pressures - excellent viscosity - no sticking at tool walls - no crack or cavity formation at thick-walled parts - finest geometric details are formable 3. Debinding - in acetone at 40 – 50°C - debinding of thick-walled part (over 15mm) are well possible - highest brown strength versus all other systems - no environmental pollution by distillation of solvent in a closed cycle - low process costs 4. Sintering - lowest shrinkage of all competitive systems - closest tolerances (up to ± 0,15%) - excellent strength of shape during sintering - best and smoothest surface which can MIM/CIM part have - controllable carbon content